The first stage is research.  I ask for phtographs and films/videos of the subject from infancy to present age.  There are consistant characteristics that are part of a person and if these are missed, the portrait isn’t true.  A long time  is spent with the subject and the subject’s family.  I ask for stories about the person’s life, favorite place to spend time, things to do, objects that are significant to them.  All of this is important to me in understanding the person being portrayed.  A portrait is much more than a facsimile of a face.

These two videos show the development of portraits from the small thumbnail sketches to the final paintings, watercolor and oil.


Pricing is based on complexity of composition and the number of subjects in the piece.   Media is not a pricing factor, and size is only a factor when it exceeds 50″ in either dimension. Prices range from $3000 to $5000

Usually there are three payments.  The first is due at the beginning, the second at the graphite layout approval, and the third, upon completion.

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