Commissions and New Work

Travels with Alice (a Narrative Portrait)

The Composite Image

A Durham Bull


  1. We love this bull! Strong, bold, full of force and life, mesmerizing..

    • Thank you, Sharon.
      Commissions are only successful when the patron and the artist respect each other’s ideas. So it follows I enjoyed working with you and Jim.


  2. I have a rather unique perspective on the works of Andrea Gomez. I have watched her create the numerous works on this website, as well as the different processes (some depicted) she employs in the creation of her art. For instance, Andrea’s deep appreciation of mogul paintings became a catalyst for her own creative treatment of composite paintings. To Andrea, process is all important, and, in most instances, the paths that she takes to achieve her art are indicative of her wide-ranging interests, curiosity, and willingness to experiment outside her comfort zone. Finally, the breadth of Andrea’s work (animations, landscapes, portraits, self-portraits, tallits, illustrations, etc.) testify to her refusal to be confined by convention.


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