Vita: Andrea Gomez

During the first part of my career (1974-1988), I was an independent, experimental animator. My films were screened nationally and internationally and in fact are still requested. They earned various awards and grants, including an American Film Institute fellowship. During this time, I made commercial films, both documentary for a school system and city; and animations and graphics for advertising studios. Additionally, I apprenticed to a film editor (Doreen Matthews, Birmingham Mi) and learned the technique of film conforming (conforming edited film to original A and B rolls.)
In 1988, I came back to painting (my major in art school) and currently am working in my Open Studio, On to Oz. My work is best seen and described on the many pages on my website.
Independent Artist: In 1989, I opened a studio in Artspace and have successfully established myself as a portrait and gallery painter. In 1999, I moved to an open studio/gallery, On to Oz Studio.

Fanny Films: Beginning in 1974, I produced films and illustrations in my studio. In this capacity, I worked with such companies as The Jam Handy Organization, as well as produced my own animations independently. Additionally, I assisted in editing and cutting negative for various industrial 16mm films.

North Carolina State University: School of Design, Animation Course, 1992
Wayne State University: Speech/Mass Comm. Dept, adjunct faculty, 500-level animation course ,1980-88
Center for Creative Studies: Photography Dept. Animation I and II 1977-78 1981-88
North Carolina Museum of Art, Youth Program Drawing Course 1989
Center for Creative Studies/Detroit Institute of Arts: Youth Program 1982-88

Lee Hoffman Gallery: I was a gallery assistant, with duties of maintaining and displaying art pieces, as well as exhibiting art to public. 1976-77
Mohawk Valley Community College: Audiovisual Specialist. I supervised an AV office with a staff of three, which was designed to serve the entire school (4500 students). This service included the introduction of all educational media to the faculty, the encouragement of media use, the maintenance of all hardware and software material and the building of a media library. We also produced works for this library. 1972-74
Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. BFA, 1972
State University of New York, Upper Division at Utica-Rome (graduate credits in children’s lit. , art) 1973-74
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, Graduate Certificate in Archives 1988

Featured Shows (* indicates a major or reviewed show)
Blowing Off Steam, Little Art Gallery, Raleigh, October, 2004
Mundocitos, November, 2003, Artspace, Raleigh, NC
Divine Milieu* Raleigh Contemporary Gallery, February, 2003 (cited by Independent in Best Ten for 2003)
Asalto yParanoia, July, 2002, Artspace, Raleigh, NC
Pictures from the Birth of the World* The Horace Williams House, Chapel Hill June 2000
Velvet Without Elvis Artspace, October, 1998
Sequences and Stories: The Burdens Sequences. This was a showing of two separate bodies of work
Restless Images*: 3-person show at Artspace, curated by John Coffey. With Pat Scull and Gerry Lynch 1996
To Help Us Live: God, Passion and Angst*, with Gerry Lynch and Antonio Rivera. Stevens Gallery, Raleigh NC 1995
Ishmael in the Wilderness* with Mickey Gault. This installation exhibit was Artspace’s Artist Proposal Award Show of 1994. (It was reexhibited by invitation at Duke in 1996.) It was cited in The Spectator and The Durham Herald Tribune as one of the 10 most important shows of 1994.
Featured Artist’s Show, Flipbooks and Storyboards, Tyndall Galleries, June 1997
Interior Landscapes* One Person Show Tyndall Galleries, Spring 1993.
One Person Show, Carteret Gallery of Contemporary Art, Morehead City NC, 1993
Featured Artist Show, New Elements Gallery, Wilmington NC, 1992
Two-Person Show, Wilson Art Center, Wilson NC, 1991
Featured Artist, Nina Liu and Friends, Charleston, SC, 1991
36th Annual Juried Art Show, Durham Art Guild, 1990-95
Henley Spectrum, Winston-Salem NC, 1990
Wake Visual Annual Exhibit, 1990-91, Paul Hartley, Maude Gatewood, jurors
New Works, Artspace, Raleigh NC, 1988-97
Detroit Focus Gallery, juried show. 1981
“Animation Art, ” a show of contemporary American animators” single paintings and cels, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Inc., Paul Glabicki, curator, 1979

Presently, I have an open studio/gallery On to Oz Studio.
Artspace, artist emeritus Raleigh, NC
Little Art Gallery, Raleigh, NC
Raleigh Gallery of Contemporary Art, Raleigh, NC


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The Spectator, Ishmael in the Wilderness chosen as one of the 10 best shows of 1994.
Artspace’s 3-Person Show Award. Chosen by John Coffey, Curator of Contemporary Art, NC Museum of Art, 1995.
Artspace Proposal Show Award, 1994, chosen by membership.
Durham Art Guild Juried Exhibition Merit Award.
Glaxo Purchase Award, Durham Art Guild Exhibition, 1990.

Eastern Frontier, Norton Island Residency, July, 2004
Producer’s Color Service: In-Kind Production Grant 1988
Michigan Council for the Arts: Individual Artist’s Grant. 1984-85
Center for New Television, NEW: Production Grant 1984
Michigan Council for the Arts: Individual Artist’s Grant 1981
American Film Institute: Independent Filmmaker Fellowship 1977 Professional Films

The Enchanted Horse*, 1988, color, animation. Funded by Center for New Television and Michigan Council for the Arts.
Bus Stop*, funded by Michigan Council for the Arts. USA Film Festival, 1983. Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1983, Award. BACA Show, 1984, Award. Jewish Film Festival, 1983. Sinking Creek, 1983, Award. Included in Acid Burn Flashback Tabu, widely distributed anthology of independent short films (Picture Start, 1992) Chosen for the first installment of PBS’ State of the Art, a series about independent animation. Shown on WGBH, as well as other affiliates.
Ancestral Landscape, 1979, 16mm, 2 minutes, color, animation, 2 narrative poems. Poetry/Film Festival, Award, distribution.
Isaac*, 1978, 16mm, color, 4 minutes, animation, completed under an American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker Fellowship. Jewish Film Festival selection.
Nigun*, 1976, 16mm, color, 9 minutes, animation. The Great Lakes Film Festival, Overall Award of Show. Ann Arbor Film Festival, Award. Film showings

The Daily Tribune, TV spot
Yates Cider Mill, instructional film
The Detroit Repertory Theatre TV spot
Filmstrips on ethics, elementary level.
Project Search, 1975, 16mm, color 12 minutes, documentary and photomontage, made for the Utica School System, NY, documents year-long experiment in an interdisciplinary art program.
Yates Cider Mill, instructional film

Edge of Frame Festival, London England, 2 consecutive years 2017, 2018
Retrospect of my Films and Exhibit of Art from the Films University of California at Chico State, September 1999
Retrospect, Performance Network, Ann Arbor MI, 1987
Golden Years: Tyler’s 50th Anniversary: Invitational 1984
Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Assn., Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY 1984
Jewish Film Festival, Kennedy Center, Washington DC
Retrospect, Performance Network, Ann Arbor MI, 1983
Women in the Visual Arts, featured artist, Delta College, MI 1983
The Jewish Film Festival, national distribution (including 92nd Street Y), 1981
Detroit Focus Gallery, invitational film showing, 1980
Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour, 1978
Cinema 12 Tour
Poetry/Film Festival Tour
There were numerous other showings arranged by my distributor, Picture Start. Commercial Films
The Daily Tribune, TV spot
*Bus Stop was chosen for the first installment of PBS’ State of the Art, a series about independent animation. Shown on WGBH, as well as other affiliates.

United Arts Council and Wake Medical Center: worked with Durant Middle School students in making art for new pediatric ER 1996-97
Michigan Council for the Arts, Artists-in-Schools: I have been involved in a wide variety of schools and programs, too numerous to list entirely. Some of my experiences are: Fraser School System (1986), a 3-week residency in which I was asked to teach 8-hour classes in animation.
Pontiac Schools, through the Pontiac Art Gallery (1980), a half year program administered to all 3rd to 5th grade students, in lieu of regular art classes in this inner city system.
Roper Country Day School, a 3-month residency with students in the upper school, in this school for gifted children (1981). Wayne Memorial-Woodhaven high Schools, a 4-day workshop intense hands-on with high school students in the areas of animation, film documentary, video and drama (1977).

“Animation: State of the Art,” City Arts Quarterly, volume 2, Number 4, Fall/Winter 1987.
Work included in catalogue of American Animation Art, Field of Vision, No. 8, Fall, 1979.
Frames, a Selection of Drawings and Statements by Independent American Animators, edited by George Griffin, Capital City Press, Vermont, 1978.
“On the Making of Edvard Munch,: Discussions with Peter Watkins and Odd Geir Saether” (co-authored), Film Criticism, 2, No. 1 (Fall 1977), 36-42.
“Filmmaker-in-Residence Program for the Elementary Level: An Overview,”Performing Arts and Special Projects in the Arts, Spring 1975.

“Projections 80, Wayne State University, Art Education Dept., screenings of my work and panel discussion, June 1980.
“The Salisbury Conference: Film Literature and History” screening of my work and panel discussion, June 1980. (sponsored by the National Film Society)

WHET, New York, Fall, 1984, Bus Stop, “State of the Art” a program about independent animation .
WDIV, Detroit, December, 1984, interview and screening
Swedish Television, 1980, Isaac, independent film from the USA.
BBC interview with Joyce Agree, London England, 1978