Travels With Alice (a Narrative Portrait)

She arrives on earth, sliding down the rainbow (upper left) to the Tennessee mountains. The mountains lead right to the Virginia Tidewater, where she grew up, and then down the river (flowing across the top of the composition right to left), winds around William and Mary and ends at the pond at Bullhead Mountain, Sparta NC (the mountain cottage where you might spot her turquoise bird flying above the water.) Meanwhile the yellow/gold introduced by the rainbow on top has sneakily started to leak down the composition. The pond leads right to the NC legislative building and back again to the center, arriving to the back yard of their house in Krispy Kreme Heights. We travel down the yellow walk which descends through the arbor, through the kids to the garden where we find her in her Ruby Crocs, holding an orchid. On the left is her Partner in Life standing on his RV, beckoning her to climb the steps of their garden bomb shelter and join him as they travel back up the yellow brick road to their well-deserved pot of gold.

All Rights Reserved by Andrea Gomez@2018